We work to keep the ticket prices as affordable as possible. Ticket proceeds cover the expenses of putting on GGBY and any excess funds go to support Slackline U.S., a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and its programs such at the Toilet at the Fruit Bowl Fund and other activities. All organizers and coordinators of the event are unpaid, volunteers who put hundreds of hours into planning this event. Your ticket supports advancing the mission and work of Slackline U.S.



Interested in being a part of the team that makes GGBY happen? Volunteer applications are now open for various positions and must be submitted by October 1st. Volunteers must be available during the entire duration of the festival and commit to working 16 hours that are scheduled by the coordinator. Ticket fee will be waived to enjoy non-volunteer hours at the festival. Volunteers will be provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday.

Information Desk
Food Prep
Leave No Trace
Shuttle & Parking

Talent Show

The first GGBY Talent Show will take place on Tuesday November 20th 2018. Please complete the application below and help us put together an awesome, spectacular, mind-blowing show. Talent Show participants will get a gift for participating!

Talent Show Act Submission

Instruct a Workshop

If you have something you are passionate about, consider teaching a workshop! We are looking to have a variety of workshops at this year’s GGBY, be it rigging, yoga, or sustainability talks. Workshop teachers will get a $50 discount on any ticket type (except dog tickets).

Our goal is to have diversity in teachers and workshop topics, so at this time we will not be scheduling more than one workshop per teacher, but you are more than welcome to complete multiple applications for separate workshops. Note: Workshop teachers are responsible for all supplies needed. Applications are due October 1st.

Workshop Submission

Film Festival

Are you a film maker in the slackline or adventure community? GGBY will be hosting its first GGBY Film Festival this year. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

Film Submission