GGBY 2018

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Main Info

The 11th convening of GGBY Highline Gathering will take place starting Monday, November 19th through Friday, November 23rd of 2018 for 5 days of highlining, workshops, community fires, and other fun activities.

Tickets and ticket pricing will be available in late August.


The mission of GGBY Highline Gathering is to empower adventurous experiences and positive connections with friends, our community, the environment, and ourselves through highlining and other flow activities during the week of Thanksgiving.


Empowering, supporting, and inspiring others

Having respect, honesty, and integrity for all individuals

Honoring the rights of individuals and communities

Being great stewards in the protection and service of our environment

History of GGBY

GGBY stands for Gobble Gobble Bitches Yeah and first started over a decade ago back in 2007 during the week of Thanksgiving as an informal get-together of friends who wanted to highline.


GGBY Highline Gathering has been organized over the years by many amazing people who contributed their resources, time, experience, equipment, and energy towards making this magical event possible.

As of the 10th anniversary in 2017, GGBY has been an officially permitted and insured gathering coordinated and organized by Slackline U.S. and its GGBY Organizing Committee. The committee consists of a volunteer team of coordinators who give hundreds of hours throughout the year to care to the logistics of GGBY. The committee recognizes the dozens of individuals, throughout the years and currently, who volunteer, assist, or sponsor. The Gathering is a community organized event where everyone has a part in organizing.

Dan Walsh
Dan WalshHead Event Organizer
Scott Rogers
Scott RogersEvent Organizer/Media Coordinator
Jerry Miszewski
Jerry MiszewskiRigging Coordinator & Spacenet Committee
Ryan Jenks
Ryan JenksSpacenet Coordinator & Spacenet Committee
Maddie McKenzie
Maddie McKenzieCommunications Coordinator
Rachel Dobos
Rachel DobosVolunteer Coordinator
Jesse Faircloth
Jesse FairclothSustainability Coordinator
Ethan Arkin
Ethan ArkinMedical Coordinator & Spacenet Committee
Tiffany Moyer
Tiffany MoyerOutreach Coordinator
Nick Olson
Nick OlsonTransportation Coordinator
Liz Thomas
Liz ThomasSocial Media Coordinator
Danny Schlitt
Danny SchlittMobile App Coordinator

Slackline U.S.

Slackline U.S. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is the official organizer of GGBY Highline Gathering. The mission of Slackline U.S. is to assist in access management for the slackline community, encourage conservation, and foster safe practices in all forms of slacklining through education and community development. Slackline U.S. is supported by its members.  In 2017, Slackline U.S. became the official organizer of GGBY after increased use in the area during Thanksgiving week became unsustainable and began having a hazardous impact on the local ecology. As a result of organizing the event, parking, camping, and waste management issues were better contained and conditions improved. The goal for future years is to continue to protect both access to the Fruit Bowl as well as the environment. You can support the mission and work of Slackline U.S. by becoming a member today!

Toilet at the Fruit Bowl Fund

Example of the toilet Slackline U.S. is working to raise funds for constuction at the Fruit Bowl parking lot.

Slackline U.S. is working to raise funds for a toilet at the Fruit Bowl. In years past, human waste has been found all over the Fruit Bowl with people stepping in other people’s waste! In 2017, Slackline U.S. worked hard to contain human waste during the week of GGBY by setting up and managing port-o-potties and groovers in the parking lot and campsites, respectively. Over 300 gallons of waste were collected and properly disposed of instead of going into the environment! The community goal is to construct a toilet in the Fruit Bowl parking lot to mitigate human waste during the rest of the year.  These toilets are not cheap though. The minimum construction cost is just over $10,000 (pictured left) and we have raised $3,000 so far. You can help with this goal by purchasing a GGBY ticket, buying raffle tickets, becoming a Slackline U.S. member and making additional donations to the Toilet at the Fruit Bowl Fund in the ticket portal! After covering the gathering’s expenses, a percentage of the profit from sales will go to the Toilet Fund managed by Slackline U.S. while the rest will go into the general Slackline U.S. fund to support the gathering’s upfront costs for next year.  Please support the Toilet Fund and please support the mission and work of Slackline U.S. by becoming a member today!

GGBY 2017 Impact